Face in the Mirror Counseling, Inc. utilizes Art Therapy techniques to enhance quality of life for adults, and to help clients live to their fullest with the emotional, behavioral, cognitive, and social challenges facing them. Our services are best described as “person centered.”

Individual Art Therapy and Activities

Engaging one on one in the creative art process using a variety of media in a setting where the client resides. These services are tailored directly to the individual's abilities and interests. Therapeutic value is based in the healing nature of the creative process, in the relationship to the facilitator and in relating to the product.

Activity services are a means of continuing to keep the participant active in the community and in things that they love. These activities can include outings, drives, lunch visits, garden tours, libraries, coffee shops, museum trips, and visits to art related commercial stores such as fabrics, beading, bird shops.

Art Therapy Groups

Group participants engage independently and/or in group projects to create visual or experiential art that enables them to express themselves and connect with their peers. These sessions are usually held in group homes, residential care facilities and adult day care programs.


Complete clinical assessments provide responsible parties or care givers with the participant's functioning status in behavioral, cognitive, emotional and social domains. This enables their care to be tailored to their needs and treatment planning to be more effective.

Training Sessions

Training spans a variety of needs including care givers, facility staff or conference seminars.

  • Care giver training can include how to better interface with your loved one or improve communication, or to facilitate stress reduction on the part of the care giver and loved one.
  • Staff training sessions can be adapted the needs of the residential facility. These sessions may include communication skills, anger management skills, processing anticipatory grief, or others as needed.
  • Conference seminars are given on a variety of topics such as elder care, self-care, efficacy and advocacy of art therapy, and community resources.
  • Rates and fees are available upon request. Face in the Mirror Counseling is fully insured in the state of Oregon and Washington to provide these services. For more information, please download our brochure. For additional information, please email Sharon Evers.