Sharon Evers is an outstanding professional; warm, caring, competent, and a skilled clinician. In her hands, art therapy is a wonderful tool.”

-Former Clinical Director

When you make something it just feels so good. Especially when you're older and can't get out and do what you used to. And I like to learn new things!”

-82 year-old client with Dementia

My mother completed dozens of projects with Sharon. Her work gave Mother incredible satisfaction at a time in her life when there were few opportunities for personal accomplishment. Her capacities were greatly diminished, but she still related to the visual stimulus of art.

Sharon's ability to encourage participation appropriate to the person's skill level was exceptional. I will never forget the smile on Mother's face when leaving, holding her latest creation. She could say with pride, 'Look what I did today!' I will always treasure these precious examples of Mother's creative side.”

-B.B., a client's son

Art is my freedom. It gives me a chance to be me!”

-45 year-old client with Young-Onset Dementia

Thank you for all you have done for [our resident]... He loved all the art projects on his room walls and shelves. He always loved how you listened and how you were patient with him, and he loved that you made him happy with the projects you built with him. Thank you for the happiness and joy you provided for him... ”

-Adult Foster Home Owner

We have the halls lined with my sister's art that she's done with Sharon.”

-Alzheimer client's sister

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